Project introduction

Project D

        Traditionally, we recognize the greater Chiayi-Yunlin-Tainan region as our counseling area. Recently, this area has had a serious problem of youth outflow mainly due to the aging population and the relative decline of local economic power. Furthermore, the rural tribes of Mount Ali, which are close to our school, often have difficulties boosting their industries due to their remote location, aging population, and insufficient resources. Also, because the local arts and cultural activities are scarce and the number of participants in arts are low in this region, there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of promoting art and culture. Therefore, in the future, we hope to make good use of our two prestigious areas of agriculture and education and expand from food and agriculture to ecological environment, from education to development of the local indigenous Tsou industries and their cultural and art heritage. We also plan to link the SDG issues and their three major aspects: environmental protection, social progress, and economic growth, and based on the concept of service learning, connect with the subprojects of youth entrepreneurship counseling, aboriginal services, elderly services, and local arts and cultural development.
     During the second stage, we will continue to promote four major service projects, including: (1) local youth entrepreneurship counseling and technology upgrading; (2) industry value-added counseling and local learning in the aboriginal areas; (3) the art and culture collection at NCYU; and (4) professional services and citizen participation in Chiayi City.